Wood Engraving
Dale DeArmond
Edition of 100
Edition of A/P: 10
Edition of P/P: 10

Paper type: Archival quality
Image size: 5″ x 6″

Hand pulled by the artist on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, September, 1988.

Illustration from the book Tales from the Four Winds of the North.

Illustration for an Aleut folktale about the daughter of a great chief. The girl ran away from home and after some misadventures was rescued by and old woman and taken to the sky world where she married a star and lived happily ever after in the most approved fairy tale style. The story is a kind of Aleut version of Beauty and the Beast.

In the engraving the chief is wearing ceremonial robes of embroidered gutskin. The girl wears a birdskin kamleika (it was light and waterproof). The chief carries a throwing stick for casting a hunting spear with extra force.

Original price: $35.00