Softcover book w/hard slipcase
Dale DeArmond
Published by Alaska Northwest Publishing Co.
50 pages

Dedicated to my husband whose brains and published work I picked for the facts in this little book. The errors and the woodcuts are my own.

Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers’ Award for best illustrated book of 1973.

Note: this was DeArmond’s first published book. All the woodcuts in this book (with the exception of two) were offered for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis, available exclusively through its publisher, Alaska Northwest Publishing Co. Unnumbered, the prints ranged from $15-$30 each and were titled, signed and dated by DeArmond. The exact number of each print that was produced is unknown, but more than the usual 35 that were generally printed. Some were issued with different colors, and most, if not all, had proofs produced. Today, prints from this book are rarely seen.

Features 32 color woodcut illustrations. Click on any image below to learn more.

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