Portfolio (limited edition)
​Contains Sheila Nickerson’s PORTAL TRAIL with illustration by Dale DeArmond
​​Published by Fireweed Press
Size: 11 3/4″ x 17 1/3″ (approx.)

AKA: 9 x 21: An Anthology of 9 Illustrated Posters by 21 Alaskans

​Contains nine “leaves” of posters; all are individually signed by the respective author and/or artist. Calligraphy by Julianne Jacobson; Anne Dillhoefer; Helen Weimer; and Jack Trent​.

Note: published by Fireweed Press, this was their first publication from Juneau – a series of “broadsides” or illustrated poetry-posters. An example from an institution has the portfolio and its pages bound in a hard cover, but it’s unknown if it was issued this way (in all likelihood, it was bound for dexterity). In addition to DeArmond’s contribution, the portfolio also includes illustrations by Diana Tillion and Rie Muñoz, among others. A very limited edition, it’s not known how many copies were produced.

Original price: $10.00