Wood Engraving
Dale DeArmond
Edition of 50
Edition of A/P: 5

Paper type: Archival quality
Print size: 9″ x 11″
Image size: 7″ x 9″ (one 3″ x 5″, seven 2″ x 3″ blocks; put in the press and printed as one)

AKA: Mouse; Willow Grouse; Otter; The Man Who Went Through Everything; Mink; Wolverine; In the Traveler’s Hand; Rabbit

Hand pulled by the artist from the original blocks on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, March, 1990.

Illustration for an Athabascan folktale about a man’s journey down the Yukon River and his adventures with the different animals he met. Clockwise starting with the man they are: spruce grouse; mink; rabbit; the gnat people who were so small they made their canoes from dried leaves; wolverine; otter; and mouse.

Original price: $80.00