A Walk in the Woods (1994)

Engraving on plexiglass
Dale DeArmond
Edition of 14
Edition of A/P: 2

Paper type: Archival quality
Print size: 7 ⅜" x 16 ⅛"
Image size: 5 ¼" x 14"

Hand pulled by the artist from the original plexiglass plate and printed on an Ettan etching press at Sitka, Alaska, Feb., 1994.

Editor's note: this print was carved from a plane of plexiglass (plexiglas) then pulled on the artist's etching press. It allowed for this unusually wide print; typically for larger engravings, DeArmond had to glue several small woodblocks together. It's currently unknown if she created other prints using this method.

A stegosaurus and anapatosaurus go for a walk in the woods and in the underbrush a young kikituk runs to meet his mother.

Original price: $60.00