Aquarius – January 20-February 19 (1989)

Wood Engraving w/blind embossing
Dale DeArmond
Edition of 100
Edition of A/P: 10
Edition of P/P: 6

Paper type: Archival quality
Print size: 9" x 10"
Image size: 7" x 7" (includes embossed area)
Image size: 4" x 5"

Hand pulled by the artist from the original end-grain maple block and handcut embossing plate on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, August, 1989.

Editor's note: this image is illustrated in the book Sun Signs from a Polar Star: A Northern Zodiac.

Aquarius, the water bearer, sometimes associated with rivers and streams. Here he is shown as an Eskimo hunter in his mukluks and sealskin pants and Sears Roebuck checkered jacket, pouring water from a sealskin poke.

Those born under this sign are friendly, independent and progressive. Idealistic and inventive, they are often reformers and intellectually acute.

Original price: $45.00