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Death of Whale (1993)

Wood Engraving
Dale DeArmond
Artist's Edition: 25
Edition of Artist Proofs: 2

Paper type: Archival quality
Image size: 5" x 6"

AKA: Crow Eats up Whale

Hand pulled by the artist from the original end-grain maple blocks on an Ettan etching press at Sitka, Alaska, February, 1993.

An Athabascan folk tale. Raven lured his friend Whale onto a beach where it was too shallow for Whale's great bulk and he was grounded there. Raven offered to eat just a little from Whale's back so that Whale would be light enough to float. Whale reluctantly agreed but Raven started to eat and just kept on eating instead of taking just a little in spite of Whale's pitiful protests. By morning Raven had eaten Whale entirely. Then he went home to mourn the death of his friend.

Original price: $60.00