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Dena'ina Sukdu'a: Traditional Stories of the Tanaina Athabaskans (1976)

Compiled and translated by Joan M. Tenenbaum;
Woodcut illustrations by Dale DeArmond
Edition of 400
Edition of 1000 (1984 version)
272 pages

Editor's note: commonly known as the Nondalton Legends series, the stories were originally compiled and translated by Tenenbaum in 1976. It is the later versions, published by the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Alaska Native Language Center in 1984 and 2006, that feature DeArmond's woodcut illustrations; she happily gave consent for use in the book.

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ISBN: 9781555000905

Original 1976 version, released in four volumes and limited to four hundred copies. Photo courtesy of Tenenbaum.

Versions from 1984 (left) and 2006, both featuring illustrations by DeArmond. Photo courtesy of Tenenbaum.