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From Sitka's Past (1995)

Written by R.N. DeArmond;
Cover illustration by Dale DeArmond
Published by Sitka Historical Society
260 pages

Editor's note: this book was one of many examples written by Dale's husband, Robert "Bob" DeArmond.

Writing for The Sitka Sentinel, notable historian Robert N. DeArmond published 264 columns detailing the people, places, and events in Sitka’s history. This book, which shares the same title as DeArmond’s long-running column series, presents an intriguing compilation of his work. Topics range from the town’s first female Chinese resident to the only court-ordered execution in Sitka’s history. DeArmond focuses of Sitka’s early years, before WWII brought about vast changes to the community. This book relates history with a humor that you will enjoy reading.

ISBN: 9780964485211; 9780964485204