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How Raven Tricked Bear (1963)

Dale DeArmond
Artist's Edition: 35
Edition of Artist Proofs: 5

Paper type: Tableau
Print size: 12" x 18"
Image size: 9 ⅞" x 15"

Editor's note: while the book contains a greener image, the actual print contains a more bluish image. In addition, the print doesn't have as many striations as the book.

The following contains some graphic thematic elements:
Raven and Bear went down to the beach, and just as they head out in Bear's canoe, Cormorant came along. They ask him to come too. Cormorant sat in the bow, Bear in the middle, and Raven in the stern so he can steer the canoe to where the fishing ground is. When they get there, Raven said "You see that mountain? That's how you know this place." Bear looks around and then said "Cousin, you got no bait. How are you going to catch them halibuts?" "Oh," said Raven. "Don't you know the best halibut bait is a little bitty piece of foreskin off a person's private parts?"

"And whose foreskin did you plan to use?" asked Bear, raring back though a bit afraid. Fast-talking Raven convinces Bear to let him cut off just a little bit of his foreskin. "I'll try," said Raven, "but it ain't easy to be exact about these things." So he whipped out his little knife and just as he started to cut, he pretended the waves threw him off balance. He slit that old Bear from anus to gullet and he ripped out his testicles. Then he stood there groaning and wailing over the dying Bear. "Oh my poor friend, what a terrible thing to happen. How will I ever be able to tell his poor wife."

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Original price: $10.00