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Raven and the Village Maidens (1982)

Four-Color Stone Lithograph
Dale DeArmond
Artist's Edition: 100
Edition of Artist Proofs: 10
Edition of Presentation Proofs: 2

Black and white proofs: 3
Bon à tirer proofs: 1 (destroyed)

Paper type: Arches 100 percent rag
Print size: 16" x 19"
Image size: 11" x 14"

Printing begun April 22; completed June 11, 1982.

Hand printed by master printer Kent Lovelace at Stone Press Gallery, 91 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA.

This lithograph is based on a Kodiak Island tale which was collected by Frank Golder during his three years of residence at Unga Island (located off the Alaska Peninsula in Southwestern Alaska).

Raven lived with his grandmother at the edge of a village. One day he decided to get married and sent his grandmother to bring him the chief's daughter.

It was a hungry time in the village and Raven always had food, so the girl came. That night Raven stretched out one wing and told the girl to lie on it. He then covered her with his other wing. The girl spent a miserable night clasped in the smelly, scratchy wings of Raven. In the morning she ran back home.

Raven waited awhile. Then he sent his grandmother to bring home another maiden who had taken his fancy. The same thing happened and this girl also ran home to her family.

The third time Raven sent his grandmother to bring him a very beautiful young maiden who lived on the other side of the village.

This girl was very hungry and she was determined to stick it out. She did, and after three days Raven told his grandmother to make the girl a belt and tobarsars [Native shoes] while he fetched home a whale to celebrate.

Raven caught a whale and invited all the villagers to share it. The greedy people either gorged themselves to death or took home so much blubber they smothered.

In the morning only Raven and his wife and the grandmother were left and they lived happily ever after so far as I know.

Original price: $85.00