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Raven Made it All (1987)

Wood Engraving
Dale DeArmond
Artist's Edition: 100
Edition of Artist Proofs: 10
Edition of Presentation Proofs: 10

Artist's Edition: 20 (first state)
Unknown proofs were produced

Paper type: All rag, neutral pH paper
Print size: 7 ½" x 9"
Image size: 5" x 6"

Hand pulled by the artist on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, August, 1987.

Editor's note: the first state is the image with dark between the characters under the raven. Between the two states of this title, there are several noticeable differences including darker color shading and added detail (i.e., more stars near the moon, extra fur on the walrus).

​​According to Northwest coast mythology, both Indian and Eskimo, Raven created the world and everything in it, including people, set the sun, moon and stars in the sky and arranged for the tides to rise and fall.

Original price: $35.00