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Raven Tormenting Tide Woman (1963)

Dale DeArmond
Artist's Edition: 35
Edition of Artist Proofs: 5

Paper type: Tableau
Print size: 12" x 18"
Image size: 10" x 15"

AKA: Raven and the Tide Woman

Editor's note: as is the case with the colors for many "Raven" prints, while the book contains a greener image, the actual print contains a more bluish image. In addition, the print doesn't have as many striations as the book.

Raven tormented the old woman who controls the tides by sticking sea-urchin spines into her buttocks until she promised to let the tides rise and fall each day through all the months and years so that people could find shellfish on the beach when the tide was out.

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Original price: $10.00