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Sitka Cook Book (1949)

Various contributors;
Cover illustration by Dale DeArmond
Published by Sitka Printing Co.

Editor's note: this features the earliest known published illustration by DeArmond. Also shown is the inside title page indicating her contribution.

According to an article in the November 18, 1949 edition of the Sitka Daily Sentinel, recipes for the book "were solicited and typed in May and June by members of Beta Sigma Phi, and turned out to the Sitka Printing Co., where sorting proof reading, selection of recipes for publication, and editing was done by Mr. (Bob) DeArmond and Mr. (Jack) Calvin, according to Helen White, chairman of Beta Sigma Phi cook book committee. Final assembly of pages, gathering of sections, and ring binding was done by volunteer crews of Beta girls in November… the cover design by Dale De Armond depicts the Cathedral of St. Michael banked in Alaskan flowers and shrubs."