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Song of the Seal (1982)

Wood Engraving on endgrain boxwood, combined with an uninked embossment
Dale DeArmond
Artist's Edition: 50
Edition of Artist Proofs: 5
Edition of Trial Proofs: 2

Paper type: Somerset, 100% rag, mould made sheet by Inveresk in England
Print size: 12" x 14"
Image size: 9" x 11" (includes embossed area)

Printing begun February 1, 1982; completed February 15, 1982. Hand printed on Griffin etching press by the artist. All other proofs and impressions have been destroyed. The block has been cancelled and the embossing plate destroyed.

An Eskimo in his checkered Sears Roebuck shirt and his homemade mukluks and sealskin pants beats out a song on the drum he has made himself from a bit of wood and walrus intestine. The song honors the seal which has graciously let itself be caught so that people can eat him and make his beautiful pelt into sealskin pants and other good things.

Original price: $50.00