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Tales that Raven Told: Athabascan Folktales (1992)

Artists' Book
Retold and illustrated by Dale DeArmond
Artist's Edition: 5 (one extra made)
Edition of Artist Proofs: 1

Extended size: 10" x 36"
Book size: 9" x 10"

Editor's note: this is the first handmade book attempted by DeArmond. It features an accordion-style binding, a linocut cover, and wood engraving illustrations. Its cover and engravings were hand-pulled by the artist on Rives BFK paper on an Ettan etching press. The text was handwritten. The book was designed, printed and bound by the author in an edition of five copies, with one extra produced for the record. Produced by the artist in May and June, 1992.

The following prints are included in this book. Click on any image below for more information.