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The Founding of Juneau (1967)

Written by R.N. DeArmond;
Cover woodcut illustration by Dale DeArmond
Published by Gastineau Channel Centennial Assoc.
214 pages

Editor's note: first published in 1967, it received a reprint in 1980 to celebrate Juneau's centennial. Also pictured is a photo (c. 1967) from a local signing at the Baranof Book Store in Juneau, Alaska with the DeArmonds (its author, Bob [seated], and cover illustrator Dale) and Mike Millar, who drew the fold-out map in the book.

The original woodcut used as the basis for the cover illustration currently rests in a private collection. It is not believed to have been editioned as a print, although a few proofs were likely produced.

Photo caption text (as written):
AUTHOR-HISTORIAN, Juneau's foremost historian, Bob DeArmond, holds a copy of his book on the history of the first two years of Juneau. Entitled, 'The Founding of Juneau', the book has just been received here from the publishers. The book was written by DeArmond on request of the Gastineau Channel Centennial Committee and has a total of 214 pages. It goes into fascinating detail of the early years in the gold camp and of the miners and merchants who were here during those exciting days. The cover for the book was done by the author's wife, Dale DeArmond, well known artist and print maker. Depicting a miner examining a piece of ore, it was done by wood cut. Here Mrs. DeArmond holds the original wood block print. Standing behind the author is Mike Millar who drew the fold out map in the book. Millar is employed with the Department of Highways in Douglas. The photo was taken at an autograph party at the Baranof Book Store Thursday evening.