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The Raven Charm (1998)

Dale DeArmond
Published by Lapcat Publications
52 pages

Editor's note: this was Dale's last known book that she authored. She also created its wood engraving illustrations, all of which are featured below. None are known to have been editioned as prints; the book was belatedly dedicated to Dale's granddaughter, Heather, and is currently out of print.

This is a Southeast Alaska Story. Long ago the Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska believed that Raven made the world and everything in it, including mankind and all other living creatures. He taught people everything they needed to know: how to make fire, how to catch fish and kill game for food, what plants they could eat, and how to build their houses and canoes. But he was also mischievous, and sometimes a thief, always greedy and full of tricks. He was magic, and who is to say that he cannot still make magic? Not I!

The legends of the Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska have contained stories about Raven and his magical abilities for many generations. In this contemporary story, a young girl named Heather finds a small stone charm, which is suddenly claimed by Raven as his lost property. When she reluctantly returns the charm, Raven's magic takes her on an amazing journey. Upon returning home from the journey, Raven's magic continues as Heather receives a delightful surprise.

– Introduction by Dale DeArmond

Original price: $12.95
ISBN: 9780964199866
ISBN: 0-9641998-6-6