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Unknown DeArmond Works

The following images are all of "unknown" works by Dale. In one column are images that probably were printed; another column are of unknown original wood blocks (engravings and woodcuts). Most blocks were pulled onto paper and received some proofs; others may simply be considered a "study" of an eventual print, similar in tone and style but different in minute ways. Tap on any image below to open a gallery.

You'll find many of the following in several of Dale's books, and others appeared as illustrations in magazines; still others may have been produced as part of Dale's annual Christmas card tradition. If any of these are familiar to anyone (should anyone own a print of an image here), please let me know! Email information to Thank you!

Probable Printed Images:

Unknown original woodblocks (engraving and woodcut):

Miscellaneous Unknowns:

Unknowns from Cricket Magazine:

(Probable) Christmas cards:

These mixture of completed engravings and original woodblocks are from either known Christmas cards, or are probably from one of Dale's annual Christmas cards (due to its content, some might be obvious).