Virgo – August 24-September 23 (1989)

Wood Engraving w/blind embossing
Dale DeArmond
Edition of 100
Edition of A/P: 10
Edition of P/P: 6

Paper type: Archival quality
Print size: 9" x 10"
Image size: 7" x 7" (includes embossed area)
Image size: 4" x 5"

Hand pulled by the artist from the original end grain maple and handcut embossing plate on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, November, 1989.

Editor's note: this image is illustrated in the book Sun Signs from a Polar Star: A Northern Zodiac.

Virgo, daughter of Jupiter and Themsis was the goddess of justice. Virgo became disgusted with mankind and returned to heaven. Here Virgo appears as an Eskimo maiden in her beautiful fur parka and mukluks ascending to heaven by way of a traditional blanket toss to the amazement of her tossers.

Virgo people are discriminating in all they do. They analyze a situation before they proceed so they always know what they are doing and why they do it carefully and well. They are modest about their accomplishments.

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