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World Maker (1979)

Dale DeArmond
Artist's Edition: 199
Edition of Artist Proofs: 10

Paper type: Rives BFK
Print size: 22 ¼" x 27"
Image size: 15 ¼" x 19"

AKA: Worldmaker

Master printer was Coriander Studio of London, England.

The following is summarized from a story based on a Yup'ik legend, as told by John Active of Bethel, Alaska:

The beginning first began with sound. Then came another, the sound of great flapping wings. Raven looked around the emptiness, untired; his features all black, his eyes seeing all. With a quick movement of his wings, a god dived down through the darkness. Still diving, and with great speed, he began to rotate around and around. In doing so, he created a suction behind him which pulled the darkness with great force. Suddenly, he rose, leaving a spinning dark mass behind him, which grew larger and larger.

The god saw this creation, took off again, the mass now rotating slowly. The great bird flew into the darkness, in which a bright light evolved and spun through the night. It flew past the black mass and stopped at the center of the darkness surrounding the mass. It then began to fade away and the mass was then in light.

Original price: $75.00