Cormorants (1970)

Dale DeArmond
Edition of 28
Unknown proofs were produced

Print size: 15 ½" x 22"
Image size: 11" x 18"

Editor's note: there are three species of cormorant found in Alaska. This specimen is likely the Pelagic Cormorant (Phalacrocorax pelagicus), found throughout Southeast Alaska. The others are the double-crested cormorant and the red-faced cormorant.

From the National Audubon Society:
The smallest cormorant of the Pacific Coast. May be solitary in its feeding but gregarious at other times, with groups perching together on rocks near water, holding wings out to dry. During the nesting season, even non-breeding individuals come to roost at night around the edges of nesting colonies, but colonies are often smaller than those of its relatives. Often more shy and harder to approach than other cormorants.

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