Dale DeArmond: A First Book Collection of Her Prints (1979)

Softcover Book
Dale DeArmond
Published by Alaska Northwest Publishing Co.
76 pages

Editor's note: this was DeArmond's third book, after Juneau: A Book of Woodcuts and Raven: A Collection of Woodcuts. It contains (63) sixty-three illustrations of Dale's woodcut prints, all dating between 1961 to 1978. It also includes an introduction to printmaking, where Dale explains step-by-step on how to create an example print. A showing at the Boston Museum of Science in 1978 showcased 100 of her prints, which included every woodcut from this book (except Self Portrait with Birds, shown on the back cover of the book but is not featured inside).

All illustrations in this book were personally selected by Dale. While she chose examples to best showcase her woodcut prints (up to that point in time), other titles she considered may not have been available for photographing (in time for the book's publication).

On the front cover: Arctic Circle.

The following illustrations are showcased in this book; click on any image to learn more.

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ISBN: 9780882401317
ISBN 10: 0-88240-131-9