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Juneau: A Book of Woodcuts (1973)

Softcover book w/hard slipcase
Dale DeArmond
Published by Alaska Northwest Publishing Co.
50 pages

Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers' Award for best illustrated book of 1973.

Editor's note: this was Dale's first published book. With the exception of two (see below), all the woodcuts in this book were offered exclusively through its publisher, Alaska Northwest Publishing Co. All prints were unnumbered, originally retailed from $15.00 to $30.00 each, and were titled, signed, and dated by DeArmond. The exact number of each print that was produced is unknown. Some were issued with different colors, and most (if not all) had proofs produced. Today, original prints from this book are rarely seen on the open market. Click on any picture below to learn more.

Dedicated to my husband whose brains and published work I picked for the facts in this little book. The errors and the woodcuts are my own.

– Dale DeArmond

Synopsis by Alaska Northwest Publishing Co.:
Juneau, the first town started in Alaska after the purchase from Russia, is now in its 93rd year and in that span it has amassed quite a lot of history. This book of woodcuts, with a minimal amount of text, covers most of that period, touching on some of the highlights of the historical events that built the town. Some of these are:

The discovery of gold and the rush to Gastineau Channel.
The first, hard winter when the miners lived mostly on "snowballs and pepper."
The Indians who moved from their scattered villages to settle on the edges of the mining camp and become a part of the permanent population.
A booze-induced crime wave that ended in a "miner's law" lynching.
The building of the old Log Cabin Church and the first public school.
The famous Circle City Hotel and its "Sample Room" with a Ladies Entrance.
The building of the beautiful little Russian Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas.
The opening of Miss Gertie Joseph's place of business, "The Red Light."
The forcible expulsion of the Chinese residents from Juneau, Douglas, and Treadwell, but an exception for China Joe who had shared his flour with the miners in the Cassiar during a starvation winter.
The moving of the seat of government from Sitka and the building of the Governor's Mansion and the capital.
The coming of the halibut fishing fleet which became an important economic factor in the town's growth.
The building of the bridge to connect Douglas Island with the mainland and eliminate a ferry system that had operated for many years.
The coming of statehood for Alaska and the hoisting of the 49-Star flag at Juneau on July 4, 1959.
The beginnings of a new ferry system, the Alaska Marine Highway.
And the occasional invasions of bears to rob garbage cans on the outskirts of town.

Book Editor's notes:
Dale DeArmond's woodcuts have brought this housewife and Librarian (Juneau Memorial Library) a deserving measure of fame. Her delightful Raven series, her little birds, waterfront scenes, bits and pieces of Alaskan Life from views out her kitchen window to dancing Eskimos, hang on many Alaskan walls. Always heretofore done in limited artist's print editions – usually around 35 – the term "rare" in describing Dale DeArmond prints is proper. Few people have any large collections and when ALASKA © Magazine, now her exclusive outlet, announces a few offering to a growing list of people who wish to be advised of each new print it simply becomes a case of "first-come, first-served" another set of woodcuts is destroyed – and one more collection of DeArmond prints is sold out.

This delightful Juneau collection is Dale DeArmond's first book printing and we and many who too often are too late in picking up Mrs. DeArmond's limited woodcuts are immensely pleased. It is also of interest that Mrs. DeArmond has consented to keep her woodcuts for this book intact after the printing and to make original impressions available of nearly all cuts* reproduced in this volume up to an as yet undetermined limit, but certainly more than the usual "35 or so."

*Prints not available include the little bird and sun and the dandelions.

Original price: $12.95
ISBN: 9780882400211