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Ferry Boat (1973)

Dale DeArmond
Unlimited Edition
Unknown proofs were produced

Print size: 14" x 18"
Image size: 10 ½" x 13 ¾"

Illustrated in the book Juneau: A Book of Woodcuts.

Tourists come, by plane, by steamer, and most of all, by the ferryboats of the Alaska marine highway. Some of the tourists are distressed by the rain which falls persistently a good part of the time. Others find the small town perched on the side of a mountain romantic and picturesque. Even the Oldest Inhabitants are sometimes moved by the light, the magnificent mountains, and the clear air. Eagles nest across the channel and fly over the town, spiraling up, up into a sky as clear as water from a mountain stream or dim with mist that moves in and out among the trees like memories of a Japanese painting.

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