Salmon Cannery – Letnikof Cove – Haines (1971)

Dale DeArmond
Edition of 20
Edition of A/P: 5

Print size: 17 ¼" x 22"
Image size: 11 ⅛" x 17 ⅞"

Editor's note: originally named B[ukhta] Letnikof (meaning Letnikov Cove) from a 1848 Russian Hydrographic Department Chart, it was published as Letnikof Cove by the U.S. Coast of Geodetic Survey (USC&GS) in 1883. The cove is located on the Chilkat Peninsula, a few miles south of Haines, Alaska.

Photograph of Letnikof Cove courtesy of Creative Commons. All rights reserved.

Included in the book Dale DeArmond – A First Book Collection of Her Prints.

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