The First Basket – Tlingit Legend (1976)

Dale DeArmond
Edition of 26
Edition of A/P: 6

Image size: 10" x 23 ½"

AKA: First Basket

Included in the book Dale DeArmond – A First Book Collection of Her Prints.

FIRST BASKET was inspired by a story in a book about spruce root baskets:

"One day the sun was walking about on the earth and he saw a very beautiful young woman. He asked her mother if he could have her for his wife and when the mother consented he carried the young woman off to his sky home. Eight children later she decided that this was no place to be raising children. She was sitting fiddling with some roots in the sky country and more or less accidentally twisted them into a basket shape. The sun knew she was unhappy so he enlarged the basket until it was big enough to hold the woman and all her children and then he lowered them all down to earth. They landed somewhere near Yakutat."

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