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Berry Woman's Children (1985)

Dale DeArmond
Published by Greenwillow Books
40 pages

Dedicated to the animals and birds who share the earth with us.

Editor's note: this was DeArmond's first children's book, which features twenty-two of her wood engraving illustrations. Click on any image below to learn more (where available). Not all illustrations received print editions.

Synopsis from the book:
Listen to Grandmother and she will tell you about Berry Woman's Children: ravens and walrus, crab and porcupine, eagle and sea otter, polar bear, whale, puffin and seal, and other less familiar animals. Dale DeArmond has drawn on Eskimo myth and folklore for these appealing fables and illustrated them with wood engravings to create an unusual and striking picture book.

ISBN: 0-688-05814-0
ISBN 13: 9780688058142
ISBN 13: 9780688058159
ISBN: 0-688-05815-9 (abridged library version)