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Tales From the Four Winds of the North (1996)

Softcover Book
Written and Illustrated by Dale DeArmond
Published by Lapcat Publications; Juneau, Alaska
55 pages

Introduction by DeArmond:
​​In 1935 when I first came to Alaska I discovered reports of the early anthropologists in the public library. I was fascinated with the myths and legends of Native Americans which the anthropologists had collected and published in turgid, almost unreadable English, interspersed with bits of Latin. They were published for other anthropologists and were not meant to be read by unlearned lay persons like me. But buried in this dreadful prose were these extraordinary tales, and I resolved that someday I would translate some of them into ordinary, readable English.

Over the years I have done just that, and illustrated them with woodcuts and wood engravings. I like myths as subjects because they free me from the strait jacket of realism. These stories have been fun to work with, and I hope readers will enjoy them too.

The following illustrations appear in this book. Click on any image to learn more information (where available).

Original price: $14.95
ISBN: 0-9641998-3-1
ISBN: 9780964199835